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  • Real-time updates and live chats

    We’re building public awareness and facilitating relationships between philanthropic efforts and young visionary technologists.

  • New events listed weekly

    As an ecosystem, we help enhance the engagements for and with humanitarian project developers, supporters and advocates.

  • Time flys with us

    We connect projects to new ideas from social entrepreneurs and provide global citizens an opportunity to explore new opportunities for involvement.

  • Discover amazing people

    We enable advocates for quality education to engage with each others, to come together and discover new solutions that help meet their students’ needs while elevating their profession.

  • We are really everywhere

    We’re addressing a demanding environment as organizations decrease their aid budgets, helping product and service suppliers grow successfully.

  • You will just fall in love

    Most of the features you will see here cannot be found anywhere else because the developers spent thousands of hours building them. We want you to have an unique experience.



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