We are partnered with FundRazr, a crowdfunding platform that is trusted by over 4,000 leading nonprofits & corporations,  more than 140,000 projects and campaigns in dozens of countries around the world.  We are engaged in a new ecosystem combining philanthropic and social impact investing, a part of the global effort to direct capital and innovation to tackling social and environmental issues.

We help social entrepreneurs and corporations run successful Product & Service Crowdfunding Campaigns and Corporate Giving Programs. We can help you communicate your brand’s value with earned social media, empower your employees to engage their network in your corporate giving activities and create crowdfunding campaigns for your business or product.

Let’s Rethink How To Change The World.

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We are bridging the gap and facilitating relationships between philanthropic efforts and exceptional corporate donors.


As an ecosystem, we help enhance the engagements for and with humanitarian project developers, supporters and funders.



We connect projects to new ideas from social entrepreneurs and provide global citizens an opportunity to explore new opportunities.



We can help you communicate your brand’s value, empower your employees and create campaigns for your business or product.

Move at the speed of culture with new ways to empower the moment.

Get the technology and resources needed to advance your mission more effectively.

Our social super powers help reach your friends, their friends and beyond.

Customer crowd-finance

This innovative solution empowers customers to raise funds to afford your product or service.

  1. Let everyone support a price-sensitive customer
  2. Increase revenue by enabling a crowdfunding financing option
  3. Embed a branded crowdfunding engine into your website
  4. Intelligent, fraud-safe payment mechanism

Social Super Powers

Built-in sharing features lift your campaign above the noise on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and email.

Crowdfunding for Business

This powerful platform is also for crowdfunding your business or new product.

  1. Let supporters fund your business or product
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies and payment providers internationally
  3. Increase awareness about your product with social sharing tools.
  4. It’s easy to get started and navigate, share your story and attract support.

Easy and Effective

Thousands of people and organizations have raised millions of dollars for needs and projects they care about.

You can get resources, expertise, and global infrastructure to sell and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers.


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Yes, the Be Remarkable  Community is free and secure.

It has all the same features you have come to enjoy at other popular social sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.